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Aluminium Extrusion

We will lead the Aluminium industry with differentiated technology and services.



Daewoo Metal is now providing total services including customized design, production, coating, machine processing and delivery on right time.

Mold design and manufacture technology are the most important processes in the extruded material manufacture and decide product shapes and measure ment preciseness. The company has professional technology manpower with long experience. From continual researches on mold surface treatment technologies, ion nitriding of high durability and milti-layer treatment technology as well as gas nitriding treatment technology, it leads differentiation with other companies.

Daewoo Metal is upgrading productivity and professionalism through mold moldeling, design, and manufacture by using high-tech mold process facilities. Plus, for the accumulation of cutting-edge mold technologies, through 3D virtual simulation extrusion analysis, it invests in technologies of process optimization and reduction of mold development cost.

Analysis of mold stress distribution