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Aluminium Extrusion

We will lead the Aluminium industry with differentiated technology and services.


Quality Check / Test

Daewoo Metal is now providing total services including customized design, production, coating, machine processing and delivery on right time.

Quality Check

1. Billet Warehousing

Import Check
Appearance test of billets
Component test

2. Extrusion

Extrusion Process Test
Product size
Visual test

3. Stretching

Check of Stretching Process
Product size
Visual test

4. Finished Products

Product Check
Test of mechanical material properties
Hardness check / Grain size check

5. Wrapping/Shipment

Check of wrapping states
Check of product appearance

Test Equipment
General Test Equipment : Universal Material Test Machine and Rockwell Hardness Testing
Other Test Equipment : Webster Hardness Test Machine, Height Gauges, Digital Thermometer, Cylinder Gauges, Micro-Meter, Vernier Calipers, And Various Measuring Gauges

Product Indentification and Traceability
All the products that this company produces are classified by identification numbers that contain product history including raw materials, production and geat process.