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Aluminium Extrusion

We will lead the Aluminium industry with differentiated technology and services.


Introduction of R&D

Daewoo Metal is now providing total services including customized design, production, coating, machine processing and delivery on right time.


Daewoo Metal technology research institute was established in 2013. Based on outstanding research manpower and the latest facilities, it is making constant effort to respond to the rapidly changing market such as material development, new product development, and process improvement. Plus, through the securement of excellent human resources, self-competition is being retained. By industry, academy, and research cooperation, through joint-development projects and external infrastructure construction of R&D, it approaches customers with better product development and services.

R&D fields

Material Development

  • Development of new alloy for the improvement of durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Development of lightened new complex materials.

New Product Development

  • Development of products based on industrial and living materials.

Process Improvement

  • Development of technologies of the surface coating and upgrading of aluminum products.
  • Development of process improvement technologies, etc.